The children arrive and spend the first few moments settling in including self-registration as they put their name tag onto a  board.  We then have a low-key group registration where children are individually greeted and welcomed to the session.


The children then have free play where they move around the daily activities as they choose.  These activities can be indoor or outdoor and have been carefully planned by the staff.  Regular activities include baking, growing vegetables, digging outside and letter and number hunting.  During the session each child can choose a snack whenever they feel ready for it.  Some of the snacks are grown and cooked by the children.


Towards the end of the session the children join together for a group activity, for example, singing, musical instruments or the introduction of one of Pre-school's special visitors eg a local musician, the hen lady (with the chicks that hatched at Pre-school) or a pet animal and its owner.


At 12.15pm some children go home and those that are staying for lunch tuck into their packed lunches.  After they have eaten, the children then go outside to play or choose a quiet indoor activity.  At 1.15pm the afternoon session starts with a short registration period and the children are then free to choose their own resources.


The afternoon ends at 3.15pm with a group activity for example, a story or a music activity.